About Us

Wood Fired is a neighborhood gathering place with its own destination appeal. We strive to share a unique experience which is special and enjoyable; old world tradition, artisanal food, craft beer and fine wine, a slower pace, a celebration of simpler times. A place where friends can meet, drink, dine, talk, enjoy life, feel comfortable and be in relationship with others who value a sense of neighborhood. We serve handcrafted, from scratch authentic artisan-style pizza, fresh imaginative salads, and signature wines for a relaxed come-as-you-are experience. Guests can enjoy a variety of experiences at Wood Fired; at one of our comfortable and intimate tables, at our cozy wine bar, or at our all season patio enjoying Wood Fired’s unique ambiance. For us, it's all about passion; Wood Fired is our way to share something good, to enjoy all those who come in to share this simple peasant food.


Wood Fired Pizza


 Most American pizzerias have destroyed the true meaning of pizza with low temperature gas or electric ovens and cheap ingredients. We faithfully craft authentic pizza the way it was originally intended to be made. Peter Taylor’s research traced pizza back to its natal epicenter - Naples, Italy. With great reverence and respect for the old ways of Naples he also knows how important it is to make those flavors relevant to contemporary diners. Which is why our tag line is “Old World Tradition. Modern Tastes." We do not want to be distracted from making the best pizza possible. Want a pasta? Go to the countless restaurants which all serve some variation of the same thing. The truth is, selling pasta would interfere with our pursuit of pizza perfection. We strive to embrace the concept of absolute freshness. The entire Wood Fired menu is prepared fresh daily without the help of freezers. No microwaves. No corners cut anywhere. The only heat source we have is our wood-fired oven which was designed and hand-built brick by brick by our owner. We also prepare our dough without refrigeration of any kind adhering to the ancient tradition of a long room temperature rise with a wild yeast starter which produces a naturally leavened wild yeast sourdough crust just like ancient civilizations did six thousand years ago. 

Wood Fired Dough


 It is passionately made with the simplest of ingredients; natural flour, purified water, sea salt, and infused with a centuries old wild natural yeast. It is then aged and fermented at the precise temperature until it produces our unique signature Wood Fired flavor. Our dough management process utilizes a long fermentation process at room temperature which allows enzymes to simplify the proteins and starches creating an extraordinarily light, fluffy, and easy to digest crust. When combined with an ultra-high temperature wood burning oven, it is the ultimate method for pizza. The ultra-high temperature wood fired process locks in the crust’s natural aroma and moisture without stressing the toppings with a prolonged bake. Our dough is hand kneaded which oxygenates the dough creating a more open and airy crumb structure. A minor point to some but to Wood Fired, it was a necessity. This is the ancient tradition of making pizza which Wood Fired maintains to this day. 

Peter Taylor - The Chef

 "I'm monetizing my passion."

After a life spent in the corporate sector, Peter Taylor decided it was time to do something he loves. "It's the culmination of a 20-year effort,". He spent that time visiting the world's finest pizza regions, learning the iconic food's origins and styles, then reverse-engineering the pies to see what made them good.

More about the chef...

Although it might be tough to maintain a passion for food when confronted with the daily grind of running a restaurant, some people manage to maintain the joy that comes with working in something as artistic, useful and necessary as food, even amidst the nagging details of the business.  That passion is reflected in what comes out of the kitchen and you can taste it in every pie served at the new Wood Fired Pizza. 

In Naples, the birthplace of pizza, he found artisans who controlled their supply chain and sourced the best ingredients they could get from producers they could trust. In New York, he discovered how high-heat ovens allowed pizza joints to make great pies, even though "they use crappy ingredients." He visited famed pizza-maker Chris Bianco in Arizona, whose Pizzeria Bianco is a pilgrimage destination for lovers of hand-crafted pies.

The result? "I took the best they had to offer," says Taylor. "My pizzas are one-third Neapolitan, one-third New York, one-third me."

That oven is also where Taylor now spends his days, a six-foot pizza peel in hand, sliding his pies into the oven, focused on each for the scant few minutes it sits in the intense heat. He'll slide it from one side to the other, or lift a pie off the hot stone to finish in the scalding heat collected at the top of the oven. "The result is a glorious, thin crust sporting dark blisters on the edges, a bit of crunch, a bit of chew and a deep flavor that barely needs the accompanying toppings. Taylor doesn't neglect those either, however."  - Brian Ries, Creative Loafing Restaurant Revie